Combined with our wide range of displays you can create your own features.

Store elements all you need

Store Elements is a modular series of components featuring 55mm panels that offers almost unlimited combinations. Illumination is the key to beautiful merchandising. In our showcases and glass shelves, feature lighting provides the flattering high-lights in your store.

In the collection you will find functional and versatile optical furniture.  Offering a wide range of combinations you can create an individual and complete design for shop-in-shop or the entire store.

You can choose from three different finishes which offer a range of individuality.

We produce our furniture using manual labour and traditional techniques. This guarantees excellent craftsmanship and individuality. You benefit from  handmade, high-end products in every unit of the modular elements.

Cabinet deluxe 600mm

6 reasons why you should choose the Store Elements

1. Multiple Composition
All modules that we make will cover your total needs, through the composition
of columns, shelves and single presentations.

2. Bespoke configuration
We are able to give you your personal

3. Fixed Price
There is a fixed price and no additional

4. Value for money
The price/quality is in balance.

5. Easy to install
It is easy to assemble.

6. Easy adjustments
Adjustments are easy to implement.

Sizes and dimensions

Panel options




Panel color options

Modular elements specially developed to give more value to an existing store or to add a corner specific in a new store. We offer the range in different combinations of White / black and wood (laminated) appearance.

Panel W
white panel border
(article number + W)

Panel B
black panel border
(article number + B)

Panel ST
panel border in soaped oak
(article number + ST)

Illuminated shelf options

Illumination is the key to beautiful merchandising. In our showcases and glass shelves, feature lighting provides the flattering high-lights in your store.

The structure of store elements is clear and the shelves are based on a clever innovative design principle. With it’s simple yet sophisticated design, the shelves provides an ideal feature to present your eyewear to the world. The shelves are available in three different formats . The glass format (6mm Crystal), Satin Acrylic shelves (20mm) and “Indus,” Led shelves( 35mm)

6mm glass shelves

The standard range of shelves are made from 6 mm glass, extra clear faceted on the edges. The shelves are illuminated from the back to give extra attention.

35mm LED shelves

The top range of shelves with light coming from the top and the bottom in order to show the frames in a excellent way. The top and the bottom are made from semi transparent glass so that the light is able to go through. Different colors of front material makes it able to choose your own style.

35mm LED shelves are available in 3 colors

White shelves (W)

Black shelves (B)

Soaped oak (ST)

Corner example 1

Corner example 2

Corner example 3

Corner example 3





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