Van Daalen Optiek, an eyewear store like no other!
Van Daalen Optiek moved to the old town hall of Naaldwijk in September (1561). The characteristic building, both on the outside as well on the inside was completely addressed by Patrick ‘s of Gravemade from’ Spilt ‘. When you walk in, you are immediately caught by the refined taste and all the different presentation forms. Every detail has been thought of, from the lighting plan, balance between the history of the building and its new function and the optimal presentation of the glasses. This makes it absolutely a unique store in the optic with its different rooms and functions.
For the sunglasses, they used the columns of Top Vision Group in order to show the right capacity without compromising the overall picture. The store offers more than eyewear and eye care. There is an “Ottica” bar, where you can drink a cup of coffee in the same ambiance and attention.

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