The Talle is a vertical, solid presentation (lockable column), ideal for intensive use.
This display offers the best solution when you require maximum frame capacity per length. The Talle contains a reliable, strong closing mechanism, is easy to customise (both color and length) and has a beautiful finish.
Available in unsecured, key-locked and remote-controlled versions.

* The minimum distance between displays is 170 mm but we advise to leave 190 to 200 mm space.

The distance of the frame positions (75 mm) and the compact lock mechanism (75 mm) provide one of the most efficient frame capacities per length. (key lock)

The remote version is a proven product for many years

The strong spring assures the columns to work for many years without losing power while the damper mechanism guarantees smooth operation.


Alumina Key Locked

The strongest key available for displays.
Customizable serial numbers.
Complete lock easy to interchange.

The ergonomic design of the lock mechanism allows smooth and comfortable closing of the column:

Alumina Key Locked

High-tech software and electronics
The design of the internal mechanical parts and the constantly updated software make it possible that we guarantee long term usage.

With the remote control (personal IR code) you can simply operate either all columns (within reach) or specific pre-programmed groups of columns.

Alumina Key Locked

Example of 3 groups of 6 columns each

Example of 4 groups with different amount of colum

PRO 10 is the top level receiver in our range. It is highly reliable thanks to separate power supplies to the 6 control ports.  There is a clearly readable display so that any service issues are simple to detect. You can connect various devices to the PRO 10. Within 1 unit it is possible to create subgroups.

PRO 9 is the new standard IR receiver. Each unit can control from 1 to 6 columns. It is a modern, reliable receiver unit with the most up to date electronic components. It has an internal receiver eye and good price to quality ratio.A receiver unit which exceeds expectations.

The Talle accessories will help you to send a clear message. The size of the larger media frame is standard A5. Mirrors are also avaialbe with the same size and format.

Both the content and the position of the logo holders, and the A5 media frames, are very easy to change.  This allows you to re-arrange your collections and refresh the look of the store in a short space of time, whilst keeping the stylish format.

A5 campaing holders & mirrors.  Top and free position logo holders.