Design: Renze de Graaf / NOMNOM Retail & Interior Design.

Spoken with: Sven Bonsel

Interview by: Francis Peters

Nomnom Retail & Interior Design,

Shopfit: Droog Meubel & Interieur, Eibergen, Laurens Droog


At the end of last year you relocated to another address in the same area; could you tell me the reason that you moved.?
The current location was far too small to show our customers what we like to offer them as a service besides the frames. We like to offer an environment where they feel comfortable, important and stimulated and therefore you simply need more space.

You’ve chosen a kind of a living room; how did you manage this and did you have this in your mind from the beginning?
Yes from the beginning we wanted to do this. In a village like Ruurlo it’s important to be straightforward and now I’m able to show that I’m relaxed, service-minded, broadminded and expert at my job.

Is this also referring to your employees?
Yes definitely, we are a strong team with the same philosophy.

Do your customers feel more comfortable now?
I can’t tell you the difference, I only know that we are doing better and that we have more possibilities to please the customer.

Do they stay longer in the shop?
The customers do stay longer and they are more prepared to discuss certain topics. Also many more new people are coming in to browse around. It’s a relaxing atmosphere with more privacy for the customer.

There is even a kitchen in the shop! How are you using this?
It’s fun to do something special and completely different with your customer. It’s really special and it will gives a new kind of contact.

How do you present your collections?
We present by brand and are using brand campaign holders. We change the images continuously and we are always happy to introduce customers to the brands.

Why did you chose the “Alumina” frame displays in the lockable sunglass unit?
We didn’t want to show frames on a flat wall like we have done for the last10 years, so we created an architectural wall where we could totally integrate the columns.

How did you arrive at the design for this shop.
I went to Antwerp with Renze de Graaf from Nonnom Retail & Interior Design; we visited many different retailers and were inspired by their innovations and interior designs. We then sat together and planned the new practice. It was so interesting and helpful to get a perspective from outside the confines of my own practice.

Are the sunglasses always locked up?
No they are usually left open but if we are really busy we are able to lock the columns.

Is the sunglass presentation always full of frames?
We always like to present a complete collection; it’s definitely a big range but we don’t use freestanding displays anymore.


For one part of the display you are using the magnetic Stilo; how much do you use the flexibility of this special display?
We use the Stilos on a printed banner for the kids frames and every 6 weeks we create a themed presentation.

Did you change your frame collection after the refit?
It’s a bit larger; ,not in total quantity but more in different colors and materials.

Do you attract other type of customers now?
Well, due to the impact of the building and the retail concept we do bring in new customers; I do not know if this relates to the frame collection or not.

Which part did satisfy you the most?
The lighting throughout the shop is consistent and bright. I find this really pleasing and it makes the frames more interesting.

Are there any things you’d like to change?
There is an area where we do the prescreening which needs to be darker so we will add blackout rollerblinds.