Chose from a big range double-sided versions in the dimension 600 mm 1000and 1200 mm. Create your own combination!

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Catch the attention of the run-shopper, please the fun-shopper.

Consumers are divided into run-shoppers and fun-shoppers. The run shopper spends a minimum number of minutes you shop, the fun-shopper takes time. As a retailer, you can respond by recognizing the behaviour and adjust your assortment and the way you present your collections to the needs of the customer.

As part of the shopping experience, the shop window has huge importance, providing passers-by with a taster of what they can expect if they choose to walk through your doors. They can also provide the viewer a moment to visualise themselves utilising the products on offer or wearing the products displayed. Shop window units can be utilised to create a visual impact in a way that best suits the product and appeals to the target customer.

Modern consumers are smart and look for relevance from their retailers. Shopper marketing moves between smart shopping and pleasure shopping and it needs to be more sensorial. Static and unvarying windows are unnoticed by today´s consumer.

It is generally agreed by experts that attractive window displays and well-planned shop floors are key to driving sales, but how can you make your window sell? By placing your collection in front of the public in such a manner that the observer has a desire for them and enters the store to make the purchase. Create eye catching compositions, show stopping window designs that provoke excitement, interest and even discussion between potential customers.
“A well-dressed window display not only attracts shoppers into the store, it also enforces the retailer’s brand image. It can act as an advertising tool and give insight into what is available in store” (K. Friedlander)

Your window displays are like billboards for your store. They can be the make-or-break factor in whether a customer enters your shop or walks on by. Analyse the sight lines of your windows and plan accordingly:


1. Tell a story.
2. Think in visual planes.
3. Surprise customers.
4. Use bold shapes and colors
5. Keep it clean.
6. Update your communication regularly.
7. Use lighting to stand out.