Elegant and efficient

The MINO range of vertical displays (lockable columns) has been refined over several versions with numerous technical improvements. The result is a versatile, contemporary and dependable range of displays which are slim and attractive. Their pleasing design draws the eye and facilitates a well-organised merchandising plan. There is a wide range of sizes and options, allowing frames to be optimally displayed and there is even an “XL” locking version for sunglasses.
Available in unsecured, key-locked and remote-controlled versions.

Are you looking for short, long, white, aluminum or any other colour? Would you prefer key locking, remote controlled or open presentations? The Mino range with its 17 standard models and custom-made options will offer you the elegant solution. In the design process we paid close attention to the opening mechanism of the aluminum alloy hook, whilst the materials which are in contact with the frames have been chosen carefully to prevent damage.

Quality and warranty
The improvement of the internal mechanical parts and the updated software make it possible FOR US TO guarantee long term usage.

Easy mounting and easy service
The mounting system ensures a simple, easy and adaptable fixing on different surfaces and applications. Upgrades and servicing can be carried out more easily.

Alumina Key Locked

The strongest key available for displays.
Customizable serial numbers.
Complete lock easy to interchange.

The ergonomic design of the lock mechanism allows smooth and comfortable closing of the column:

Alumina Key Locked

High-tech software and electronics
The design of the internal mechanical parts and the constantly updated software make it possible that we guarantee long term usage.

With the remote control (personal IR code) you can simply operate either all columns (within reach) or specific pre-programmed groups of columns.

Alumina Key Locked

Example of 3 groups of 6 columns each

Example of 4 groups with different amount of colum

PRO 10 is the top level receiver in our range. It is highly reliable thanks to separate power supplies to the 6 control ports.  There is a clearly readable display so that any service issues are simple to detect. You can connect various devices to the PRO 10. Within 1 unit it is possible to create subgroups.

PRO 9 is the new standard IR receiver. Each unit can control from 1 to 6 columns. It is a modern, reliable receiver unit with the most up to date electronic components. It has an internal receiver eye and good price to quality ratio.A receiver unit which exceeds expectations.

MINO displays are provided with accessories to convey your message. The logo holders are available in the A5 campaign holder version (148×200 mm) and also available as a mirror version. And as a free-position logo holder (98×65 mm)

It is easy to change the content and the position of the logo holder.

A5 campaing holders & mirrors.  Top and free position logo holders.

Hookinsert, support bracket and stainless temple support rods.


The Xl version offers 30% more space for the spectacle frames. The large hooks ensure a comfortable space, when placing or taking the glasses.