Interview Fraser Optiek Berkel en Rodenrijs
Owner: Edson Fraser
Interview by: Francis Peters
Design: Edson Fraser


When I enter your practice I feel very welcome. How did you chose the furniture to achieve this result?

I browsed the Internet to select suppliers and get inspiration which led to the creation of a mood board, just like decorating at home. The high ceilings allowed us to do something special.


Do you have the idea that the people feel at ease in your shop?
Besides the furniture and the routing, the location of the building and the big windows all around attract the people like magnet. The shop is like a big vitrine but enough space to feel cosy.


Do the visitors stay longer because of the shop experience?
I think so also because of the routing and the use of different frame presentations; this allows people to view the whole collection. This is exact what I had in my mind.


You planned the interior in such away that you are quite flexible. Was this one of your goals when you started the project?
Definitely ,I like to change the look of the practice every year.


Are you also willing to change the collections and suppliers?
I’ve chosen some brands with whom I like to make an part of my turnover besides I will add different brands and looks.

Why did you chose for the lockable column Alumina to present your sunglasses?
In the beginning presented on shelves but I’ve got so many thefts that I get annoyed and besides the collection was getting to big. Big advantage of the Alumina is that you see less column!


Are the columns always locked?
Yes, in this way we can always interact with the customer.


Are you willing to change or to add things at this moment?
I Like to present individual sunglasses in a highlighted way and perhaps like to add some visuals. Besides i need some extra storage for the special items.