Our freestanding displays are available in 3 different widths (3 – 4 – 5 columns), single or double sided.
They are equipped with Mino Key-lockable columns 12 positions, with a large hook (XL)
Many options to accessorize and customize it!

The Mino V4 accessories will help you to send a clear message. The size of the larger media frame is standard A5. Mirrors are also avaialbe with the same size and format.
Both the content and the position of the logo holders, and the A5 media frames, are very easy to change. This allows you to re-arrange your collections and refresh the look of the store in a short space of time, whilst keeping the stylish format.

plaatje mirrors

The XL hook offers 30% extra space for the bigger shades to fit comfortably. The distance between frames is also bigger creating a more spacious overview of your collection.

The standard  hook is as elegant as the XL. It offers more capacity on the same length but some frames, with a big bridge, might not fit properly.

Combine XL and regular columns on your lay out and make the most of your displays!