Interview Eyecentre Horen en Zien Maasbracht

Spoken with: Luc Uijen

Interview by: Francis Peters

Your shop has been renewed ,what was the main reason for the refit?
It was really time to reorganize the flow of the shop based on the quantity of people who are coming in, besides the style had to be updated.

There is quit a lot of space; is this a very conscious and clear decision or did it just happen?
We’ve been growing the last couple of year and we added some extra disciplines like the hearing sector. The eye examination room was always occupied and the assembly/dispensing space was far too tight.

Did you have a vision in your mind of how the shop should look?
The vision grew in the last couple of years and we asked our customers about their ideas and experiences. They responded well to being involved. We changed the design a couple of times and Joop Tolboom made the final drawing based on our comments.

The window section is large and open; does it communicate well?
The sunglasses corner is directly visible from the outside and on the opposite wall we made a huge banner. For spectacle frames you need to come inside.

The sunglass corner is equipped with Alumina lockable frame displays; are they always locked up?
They are always closed and our customers have become used to it; they get the service from our staff. Our insurance company also informed us that they prefer this. The upside is that we are always involved in the sales process!

Next to the sunglass corner you have the lens information unit; are many customers taking the advantage of this unit?
People are using it more and more every day. We do have a Visio office and everybody who needs a frame will be introduced to this feature. In addition we have an area where we give tutorials about the use and benefits of computer lenses. On the desks we integrated a screen in order to give presentations of the different possibilities. Furthermore we have a presentation of the production process of the lenses, in addition we have the Nautilus 3d Animation goggle and app. We also give visual exercises.

What do you mean by visual exercises?
Exercise of the eyes is where you stimulate the function of the whole process of seeing. You will be more effective with your output and it should be a part of a complete program. This leads to more effective vision and should be an integral part of the treatment. We created a special room for this.

You paid a lot of attention to the desks; are these spots the most important ones?
They are important but don’t forget the refraction rooms and especially the standing table where people are relaxed and willing to speak openly about their requirements.

On different spots you are showing large images. Are you using this for the flow?
It’s purely for atmosphere; text and printed panels are taking care for the flow.

Do you notice that the customers will stay longer into the shop?
All together they stay longer, but don’t forget we did everything to encourage this, even the phone charging and lens cleaning facilities.

Did you notice that you are selling more sunglasses now?
It looks like it and it’s at the front of the shop now. We are showing and highlighting models, altogether it makes a big impact.


The spectacle frames are being shown in different ways. Shelves and Single presentations. Why?
In the past it was far too bulky. Now we show less frames with more emphasis on styles. The advice from our side is becoming more important now. For the children we made a Graffiti banner with presentations of the concept.

How are your customers reacting since it was completed?
Very positive from every age group. It’s a warm atmosphere where the combination of space, quality wood fixtures and technical information is very stimulating.