The natural choice for total integration.

The lockable, vertical Alumina displays are the best in their field. They are distinguished from other vertical displays by several technical features: very strong locking mechanism, easy to integrate in a designed retail scheme, wide bridge gap for easy positioning of frames when open and you have a range of possible colours, sizes and mounting brackets.
Available in unsecured, key-locked and remote-controlled versions.





Alumina Key Locked

The displays are provided with a strong and reliable key. It is possible to get a personal key number.

The lock system is user-friendly and closes smoothly.

Alumina Key Locked

Alumina Key Locked

The displays can also be controlled by using the remote control.

With the remote control, all columns can easily be operated with a personal code. A specific group of columns can also be assigned to a single button.

The design of the internal mechanical components and the application of electronic components and associated software updates guarantee a long product life.

Alumina Key Locked

Example of 3 groups of 6 columns each

Example of 4 groups with different amount of colum

PRO 10 is the top level receiver in our range. It is highly reliable thanks to separate power supplies to the 6 control ports.  There is a clearly readable display so that any service issues are simple to detect. You can connect various devices to the PRO 10. Within 1 unit it is possible to create subgroups.

PRO 9 is the new standard IR receiver. Each unit can control from 1 to 6 columns. It is a modern, reliable receiver unit with the most up to date electronic components. It has an internal receiver eye and good price to quality ratio.A receiver unit which exceeds expectations.

Alumina displays are provided with accessories that convey your message. The logo holders are available in A5 campaign holder version (148×200 mm) and available as a mirror version. And as a free-position logo holder (98×65 mm)

It is easy to change both the content and the position of the logo holder.

A5 campaing holders & mirrors.  Top and free position logo holders.